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Blue Acne Light. The Affordable At Home Acne Treatment / Light Therapy Solution.

Blue Acne Light Product Comparison

Blue Light Therapy Product Comparison

With so many blue light therapy solutions on the market how do you determine which one is right for you? To prove our product is the best solution available we have put together a table of common comparators so it is easy to cross compare the various blue light therapy products on the market.

  Blue Acne Light Intelligent Acne Treatment AcneLamp Red/Blue (Single Head) Dermastyle Verilux ClearWave Baby Quasar LightStim Tanda
Blue Wavelength 405nm & 420nm 405nm & 450nm 415nm 402nm 414nm Not Published 450 - 850nm 414nm
Red Wavelength N/A 660nm 665nm 666nm 660nm N/A - No Red Light 450 - 850nm 660nm
Bulb Type Fluorescent LED LED LED LED LED LED LED
Lights 27 Watt bulb 7 x 1W CREE LED 70 x LED Lights 1 x LED Not Published Not Published 72 x LED Lights Not Published
Product Type Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld
Treatment Distance 6-8" From Skin 6-10" From Skin 6" From Skin On Skin On Skin On Skin On Skin On Skin
Treatment Time 20 Minutes 30-60 Seconds-Face 15 Minutes 10 Minutes 3 Minutes Per Area 15 Minutes Per Day 15 Minutes Per Day 3 Minutes Per Area
Trial Period 30 Days 90 Days Not Published 30 Days 30 Days Not Published 90 Days None
Warranty 1 Year Lifetime Not Published 1 Year 1 Year Not Published 1 Year Not Published
Price $199 USD $349.95 USD $274 USD $149 USD $179.95 USD $349 USD $329.95 USD $395 USD
Notes: Affordable, safe, powerful and effective. Nearly identical design to our "Blue Acne Light" Low Brightness LED's, estimated 3.5W total power. Single LED. Spot treatment for individual pimples only. Must be used on skin, handheld unit. Low brightness regular LED's. Handheld Unit. Low brightness LED's. Handheld Unit. Low brightness LED's. Handheld Unit. Battery operated, can loose ability to charge battery. Low brightness LED's.


Based on specifications and price, the Blue Acne Light is the clear choice. Our powerful lamp uses the latest high intensity fluorescent bulbs which penetrate deep into the skin in seconds, not minutes. There are no battery's to deal with and no need to hold a device to your skin for 15 minutes, just turn it on, relax and let the power of Blue Light Therapy resolve your acne.