Blue Acne Light - Blue Light Therapy - Acne Treatment
Blue Acne Light. The Affordable At Home Acne Treatment / Light Therapy Solution.

Acne Light Therapy - Clear Skin Using The Healing Power Of Blue Light Therapy


Blue light therapy is a modern discovery in the fight against acne. Unlike other acne treatment solutions such as medicated creams and expensive dermatological procedures, blue light therapy for acne is more effective, affordable, convenient and free from side effects. In only 3 treatments per week you can clear up your unwanted acne while simultaneously healing your skin.

Unlike many of the blue light therapy solutions available the Blue Acne Light uses high intensity blue light to create a unique light therapy skin treatment system. The 420nm-450nm blue light from our powerful fluorescent bulbs penetrate your skin to kill the P. acnes bacteria which cause acne to form. By killing these bacteria, acne can clear up within weeks or be prevented all together. Using blue light therapy to treat acne is safe, effective, and convenient, allowing users to treat their acne without harsh chemicals or antibiotics.

Unlike many so called “acne treatment solutions”, blue light therapy is clinically proven effective by independent testing done by the British Journal of Dermatology and has been approved as an effective form of acne treatment by the FDA. Visit our Science & Research section to learn more about the science behind blue light therapy.

Medically proven, safe, effective and affordable. If you are looking for a solution to treat your mild to moderate acne the Blue Acne Light is the clear choice.

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